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Hollow vs. Filled markerstyles

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You can control the color of the marker by changing the color of the series,

Color.Transparent can be used for transparent markers.

The following example changes the marker to be trasparent while changing the

series color (line color) to Red:

chart1.Series[0].Color = Color.Transparent;

chart1.Series[0].BorderEffect = BorderEffect.None;

chart1.Series[0].BorderColor = Color.Red;

chart1.Series[0].TypeMask &= ~ChartType.ColorLine;

You can do this Per series or globally.



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"Karen Utley" <kutley@landauerinc.com> wrote in message


> I have a scatterchart with a series of red filled triangles. I know how to

> change a given triangle to a different markerstyle of those available in


> markerstyle set (e.g. square), but how do I set it to a hollow triangle,

> which is not in the list?



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