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Bubbles proportioning


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There is a way to proportionate the bubbles size? In my datatable, for the bubble size value, I can have large values like 10000 and smallest, like 2000. When the chart drawns, the bubble with the smallest value is too tiny.

I've tried to use that bubble size formula in "Q7061001. How to control the size of the bubble in a bubble chart", but it looks like the same.





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The relationship for bubble sizes is alway linear.

The article you mentioned explains all the parameters involved in calculating the bubble size, you can change these parameters to achieve the desired result.

- Change the Volume property for the second series (size series).

- If your size scale (second series) is very different than your position scale (first series) you may want to assign the second series to a secondary Y-Axis (which may be hidden if you want to). This way the ranges can be controlled independently.

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