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I have a Chart FX for WPF control on a windows form in an application that is being run on Citrix.  When the form is instantiated and displayed the first time, the form takes approximately 30 seconds to display.  After the form is displayed once, subsequent displays of it or other forms with a chart control are displayed instantaneously.  Is there an issue with displaying a Cart FX for WPF in a Ctirx environment?


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I suspect the delay experienced the first time your form is shown might be related to JIT time.

Please try running NGEN ChartFX.WPF.dll in the target machine, this will natively compile our assembly and keep it on the GAC, then at runtime, .NET will use these pre-jitted assembly instead of jitting it every time the app is run.

If when you say "I have a Chart FX for WPF control on a windows form" you actually mean your application is not a WPF app, then please note that the first time the chart is created, the system will at least have to load WPF assemblies. There are some scenarios where WPF assemblies might not be NGENed so you might want to also try to runing the following command on the target machine "NGEN executeQueuedItems".



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