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AxisY Autoscale and/or Recalculatescale


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 I have a chart that is adding series automatically from code.

When the second series that I'm adding has a higher value (y-axis) than the first but starts at a later point in time on the x-axis, the graph (stacked bar) only scales to the first series.  I've tried autoscaling the axisy also tried using the chart.Recalculatescale after the seriesattributes have been added to the chart but still not working.

 Any thoughts?


Mike Henry



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 Actually what might be happening is this.

Series 1: Max value = 250  starts in  Jan, 2008 and data decreases each month after.

Series 2: Max value = 217 starts in Mar, 2008 and data decreases each month after.

 If these two series are stacked it seems to be only scaling to the max value.

So at the Mar time point is reading off the chart as the max value on the chart is only 250.

The reason is that I set the AxisY.Max = 60000;

Later I make a call to chart.RecalculateScale() and it renders the max value back to 250.

Thanks again,


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