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Height of Labeltext for X-Axis

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Hi there 

Is there any possibility to get the height of the labeltextarea of the x-axis? My problem is, if the text is too long, the whole chart disappears. Can I somehow define a maximum height? Because the text is written in a proportional font I don't want to limit text by the amount of letters.

Thanks in advance and regards


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 As a workaround maybe you could measure the distance between the bottom of the chart and the bottom of the pane (assuming you dont have anything docked on the bottom of your chart, like the datagrid). That should be and indication of the size taken by the labels.

chart1.Height - chart1.Panes[0].BoundingRectangle.Bottom;


Edit: Sorry, wrong Chart FX version...


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Thanks for your prompt answers! 

The Panes-Property doesn't work in my installation. By the way, we are using version, and it's embedded in ActiveReports

Could I somehow check, whether the chart disappeared because of too long label text or not? With such an information, I could at least print a suitable message.

Or is there a possibility to measure the height of the labeltext area? This I could compare with the height of the chart and thereof get the needed information.

Best regards,


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