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  1. Hi We are using ChartFX Client Server 5.1 (Version: together with Active Reports. Until now I was convinced that it is not possible to have multiline Axis-Labels, but now I found this post. Unfortunately it doesn't work in my Report: chart1.Axis(AXIS_X).Style = chart1.Axis(AXIS_X).Style and not AS_SINGLELINEchart1.Axis(AXIS_X).Label(iRow) = DATEPART("m",DateVorjahr) & vbcrlf & RIGHT(DATEPART("yyyy",DateVorjahr),2) the linefeed is ignored and the two strings are glued together. I look forward to your answer! Regards,Luzia
  2. Hi there I'm still looking for a solution to my problem with the disappearing chart. As I learned, I guess, I don't have any chance to measure the height of the label text area. Could I somehow check, whether the chart disappeared because of too long label text or not? With such an information, I could at least print a suitable message. Or could I set the height of the label text area to a maximum and then the descriptions too long will be shortened accordingly? Or is there a possibility to measure the height of the labeltext area? This I could compare with the height of the ch
  3. Thanks for your prompt answers! The Panes-Property doesn't work in my installation. By the way, we are using version, and it's embedded in ActiveReports Could I somehow check, whether the chart disappeared because of too long label text or not? With such an information, I could at least print a suitable message. Or is there a possibility to measure the height of the labeltext area? This I could compare with the height of the chart and thereof get the needed information. Best regards, Luzia
  4. Hi there Is there any possibility to get the height of the labeltextarea of the x-axis? My problem is, if the text is too long, the whole chart disappears. Can I somehow define a maximum height? Because the text is written in a proportional font I don't want to limit text by the amount of letters. Thanks in advance and regards Luzia
  5. The top title of my chart has a white shadow, that I can't get rid of! Which property is this? Thanks for your help regards Luzia
  6. Hello I'm sorry, this is a very urgent question for us. We have to solve the problem by the end of the week. Could you please give me an answer asap? Thanks very much! Luzia Baumgartner
  7. Hello We are using ChartFX 5.1 within ActiveX-Reports, which is implemented in a programm. In the actual version of this programm I use Annotation as follows: .GetExtension("AnnotationX.AnnList").Remove(-1).Refreshand then I use .Controls("ChartFX1").GetExtension("AnnotationX.AnnList") and define the Annotation. This works all fine. Now the new version of the programm needs another handling of objects: set AnnotX = CreateObject("AnnotationX.AnnList").Controls("ChartFX1").AddExtension(AnnotX)'Annotation-Boxes von voriger Seite l
  8. I changed the initializing of the chart, I make it manually now instead of using the template. The values are multiplied by 100 now, so you can see that the ordinary line is ok. But the thing with the xvalues doesn't work yet! there is no difference in the chart wether I set them or not. Sub OnFormat set rs = RecordSet() if rs.EOF then exit subwith rpt.Sections("PageHeader").Controls("ChartFX1") 'initialze chart.ToolBar = False.PaletteBar = False.MenuBar = False.PatternBar = False.DataEditor = False.Border = False.BorderStyle = 0 .ClearData 1 iRow = 0 .OpenDataEx CHARTFX
  9. when I uncomment those 5 lines in my code, the chart comes out as follows. Only the rows 1 and 4 should have such a xvalue. Why does my chart have only one point on the x-axis? here is my resultset. note that rows 2, 3 and 5 don't have a value in the second column.
  10. If I only use the y-Values, my linechart is okay (see Pic 1). As soon as I use the OpenDataEx for XValues I only have one x-Point left... (see Pic 2) What am I doing wrong? This is a part of my code: .OpenDataEx CHARTFX_COD_VALUES,1,5 .OpenDataEx CHARTFX_COD_XVALUES,1,5 iRow = 0 do until rs.eof .Series(0).YValue(iRow) = ChartValue("" & rs("prValue1").Value) ' if "" & rs("prValue2").Value <> "" then ' .Series(0).XValue(iRow) = ChartValue("" & rs("prValue2").Value) ' else ' .Series(0).XValue(iRow) = ChartValue("" & rs("prValue1").Value) ' end if iRow = iRow + 1
  11. Hello We are using ChartFX Client Server 5.1, integrated in Active Reports. Is the attached kind of linechart possible at all? there are two values at the same position on the x-axis. Thanks for your help. Regards Luzia Baumgartner
  12. GREAT!!!! That is exactly the right solution!! This is an old report with chartFX and was developed rather complicated. Now the code for filling and designing the chart is much easier. thank you very much Luzia Baumgartner
  13. I solved the problem! I must not paint the annotation object in the loop of filling the bars. Now I paint it after the chart ist filled and the channel is closed with .CloseData. Now I have another problem: the rectangle is positioned correctly, but not the bar itself! If you check the attached picture you can see that some bars are not exactly in the middle of the tick marks. How can I solve this problem? Do I have the possibility to get x-positions from left and right margin of each bar? regards Luzia Baumgartner
  14. I don't use an attach method, so I guess the attachstyle ATTACH_NONE is used by default, according to the manual. Do I have a chance to get the scaling factor somehow? regards Luzia
  15. Hello The Annotation Rectangle is not drawn with the dimensions I programmed. When I draw a Rectangle at a certain XY-Pos with a Height = 1 and Width = 1 it is positioned correctly. But when I draw it with a Height of 136, the rectangle doesn't start at the same position as before!? The starting point is a bit lower, and the height doesn't seem to be what I programmed. What could be the problem? I'm using ChartFX Client Server 5.1 ( with Active Report 2 ( regards Luzia Baumgartner
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