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Candlestick design


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To control these brushes you have to set BOTH the Fill properties for the first and second series (i.e. chart1.Series[0].Fill and chart1.Series[1].Fill)

Note that there is a bug where if you change these brushes after the chart has been rendered, the new settings will not be applied. If you set thes brushes (to either solid colors or linear brushes) in the XAML or in your Window/Page Load event it should work fine.



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Hello JuanC,

 thanks for the quick response! You lead me in the right direction.

But three questions remain:

1) How to set this using Expresion Blend? If I set there, the setting seems to be ignored?!?!

2) How to control the "thickness" of the bar?

3) And how to change the style of the thin lines?

 Is this possible in the beta version? Will it be possible in the release version?

Thanks a lot again and a have a nice day,


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