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Adding scroll bars and event handler issue - RC1


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I am using the WPF RC1 release and I seem to have issues with the the x-axis scroll bars when a secondary y-axis is added.  Below is the code snippet I'm using, and I find that the only place I can successfully add a scrollbar is where it is currently. 

However, when I access the chart to remove the event handler with from a different application area with access to the chart using simple access such as, chart.AxisX.ScrollBar.Scroll -= new System.Windows.Controls.Primitives.ScrollEventHandler(this.ScrollingEventHandler);, the handler isn't removed properly. 

What is the correct order of operations to create a chart with a secondary y-axis and add a scroll bar with event handling?

  SeriesAttributes serData1Time = new SeriesAttributes();

  serData1Time.BindingPath = "Data1";

  serData1Time.BindingPathX = "ElapsedTime";

  serData1Time.Fill = Brushes.Green;


  // ********** add scroll bar here *********

  TrendingChart.AxisX.ScrollBar.Height = 5.0;

  TrendingChart.AxisX.SetScrollView(someValue, anotherValue);

  TrendingChart.AxisX.ScrollBar.Scroll += new System.Windows.Controls.Primitives.ScrollEventHandler(this.ScrollingEventHandler);


  // secondary yAxis

  Axis secondaryAxis = new Axis();

  secondaryAxis.Position = AxisPosition.Far;

  secondaryAxis.Foreground = Brushes.Red;

  secondaryAxis.FontSize = 10;


  SeriesAttributes serData2 = new SeriesAttributes();

  serData2.BindingPath = "Data2";

  serData2.BindingPathX = "ElapsedTime";

  serData2.Fill = Brushes.Red;

  serData2.AxisY = secondaryAxis;


  TrendingChart.ItemsSource = TrendData;

  TrendingChart.AxisX.Max = elapsedTimeMaximum;

  TrendingChart.AxisY.Max = yAxisMax;

  TrendingChart.AxesY[1].Max = secondaryYAxisMax;



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When putting together an small test application to prove the error, I found the fix!  I needed to move my "itemSource" binding to above setting the scrollbar view, and moving the secondary axis creation and association to the end of the logic -but after setting the scrollbar view.

Thanks for the time,


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