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Animating elements in the chart is not as simple as animating elements in Blend because

1) You do not have direct access to bars/points/etc visuals

2) There is a big difference in look and layout between a bar, line and pie chart.

Can you describe the animation you are looking for?


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How would I go about creating any type of animation using a column, line or pie chart? A good start would be for column charts, the bars rising from the x axis line to the y axis value in sequence in a time of x seconds. Or even a transparency where the bars, or lines where they slowly fade in. Anything that I can do to make the data points transition into its final position, which is the final look of the chart.

 Doing this in code is fine, but I did not see any animation examples in the support files that came with RC1. Is there sample code somewhere I can try this?

Thanks in advance,



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