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Bar Chart X-Axis Mislabeling


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When creating a multi-pane chart where one pane has an X-Values axis line chart and another pane has a categorical X-Axis bar chart, the bar chart is mislabeled.  For example...

int[] dataBar = { 100, 200, 300, 400 };string[] labelBar = { "100", "200", "300", "400" };DataPoint[] dataLine = { new DataPoint(new DateTime(2000, 1, 1), 400),  new DataPoint(new DateTime(2001, 1, 1), 100), new DataPoint(new DateTime(2002, 1, 1), 300), new DataPoint(new DateTime(2003, 1, 1), 200) };Chart chart = new Chart();Pane pane1 = new Pane();Axis axisX1 = new Axis();Axis axisY1 = new Axis();foreach (string label in labelBar){   axisX1.Labels.Items.Add(label);}axisX1.Labels.HorizontalAlignment = HorizontalAlignment.Right;axisX1.Labels.Position = AxisLabelPosition.Center;axisY1.Min = 0;axisY1.Max = 500;pane1.AxesX.Add(axisX1);pane1.AxesY.Add(axisY1);SeriesAttributes sa1 = new SeriesAttributes();sa1.Gallery = Gallery.Bar;sa1.ItemsSource = dataBar;sa1.AxisX = axisX1;sa1.AxisY = axisY1;pane1.Series.Add(sa1);chart.Series.Add(sa1);chart.Panes.Add(pane1);Pane pane2 = new Pane();Axis axisX2 = new Axis();Axis axisY2 = new Axis();axisX2.DataFormat.Format = AxisFormat.Date;axisX2.Labels.Format = AxisFormat.Date;axisX2.Min = dataLine[0].Date;axisX2.Max = dataLine[3].Date;axisY2.Min = 0;axisY2.Max = 500;axisY2.AxisStyle = AxisStyles.ShowEnds | AxisStyles.AutoFirstLabel;pane2.AxesX.Add(axisX2);pane2.AxesY.Add(axisY2);SeriesAttributes sa2 = new SeriesAttributes();sa2.Gallery = Gallery.Line;sa2.Marker.Visibility = Visibility.Hidden;sa2.ItemsSource = dataLine;sa2.BindingPath = "Value";sa2.BindingPathX = "Date";sa2.AxisX = axisX2;sa2.AxisY = axisY2;pane2.Series.Add(sa2);chart.Series.Add(sa2);chart.Panes.Add(pane2);

If I comment out the second pane...


Or, if I add a second categorical pane, then the labels render correctly.

Am I doing something wrong, or is this a bug?

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Currently we do not support combining categorical and non-categorical X axes in the same chart.

We are about to release a new beta build (Beta 3) so it was not possible to include a fix on it but we have a different branch where a fix has been implemented. Please contact our support department (wpf at softwarefx dot com) and include a link to this thread.



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