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ObservableCollection<T> Removing Items from Series


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We are using an ObservableCollection<T> of model objects to be the ItemsSource of our charts.  However, since our charts are representing "real time" trending as data is arriving, we need to limit the collection to a finite limit.

Therefore, once a maximum count is reached -say, 150 objects- the collection acts somewhat like a queue... As more data is added to the "end", the same number of data objects are removed from the beginning of the collection.

 However, I don't see our charts truncating data from their series, and unfortunately as the data is added the application memory consumption is eventually causing the application to crash.  As an FYI, we are adding about 10 points of data every 5 seconds to 6 series spread over 4 charts on one page.  This data is added over a period of greater than 24 hrs!

 Is there a way to "notify" the series that data is removed fom the ObervableCollection of data assigned via the ItemsSource of the charts?

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We think we have found a couple of issues related to memory consumption, one of them is related to business objects that support INotifyPropertyChanged while the other is a more general issue when a chart is refreshed several times.

Please contact our support department to request a hotfix.



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