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How to get displayed zero ("0") point in chart and in DataEditor ?

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Hello all,

I have a problem that I am not getting zero point on axis X displayed the way I expect, also not getting it in dataeditor ? I am passing zero point value to chart but in DateEditor is showing it as point 1 ? How to get zero point displayed ?

Also I would like to get my curve to start from Y axis ( at X axis point 0), and not from point 1.

I am getting something like this - > please see attachment.

Would like to get curve like this -> please see attachment.

Thank You.


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The chart that you are drawing does not have X values, so the values you see at the bottom are merely labels (1,2,3,etc.). What you need is an X/Y chart in which you can specify X and Y values for each point.

Please refer to the Resource Center for details on passing X-Values to a chart.



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