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The 'never ending story' with the broken image and PSS


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Ok, I am at the brink of giving up on ChartFX. I have tried to get the package to work for several weeks but here I am still getting the broken image.


This is the setup:

Longhorn on an VMS server. IIS 7.0.

I install the ChartFX webforms software :

ChartFXVS2005WebForms, then I patch it up with CfxNet70ServPack.

The patch installation job acts weird (sometimes text is missing etc.) but I am able to install the latest version (I think)

I create the virtual dir. Chartfx70 pointing to c:\program files\chart fx for visual studio 2005\chartfx70 and give it full access for everyone.

But I get the broken image and imagesrc is src="/chartfx70/temp/CFT1210_0101543B0E7.png" and that is wrong. Then I have read thru a bunch of posts and KB articles. I try : C:\Windows\system32\inetsrv\APPCMD.EXE migrate config "Default Web Site/ChartFX70/PSS" . No good....

 The real pity in this is that I had it all sort of working two weeks ago. Except for the zoom function of the .Net rendered control. I then posted this problem on this forum. Someone suggested that I should make sure I had the latest service pack of ChartFX. To be sure I ran the sp again and it f... up everything. There has got to be some issues with service pack on Longhorn.....

 Now I really do not know what to do and my boss is fuming...








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Let me see if I can shed some light on this:

> I get the broken image and imagesrc is src="/chartfx70/temp/CFT1210_0101543B0E7.png" and that is wrong

Tells me that you are NOT using PSS. Otherwise the URL will point to /chartfx70/pss. So PSS is not the issue here.

We can follow one of two different paths here:

1) Get PSS working in your server. Unless you intentionally want to disable PSS, the default behavior is to use PSS.

2) Figure out why you are getting this error.

For #1 the best thing to do is check that the PSS service is running as part of your services and that it is running as SYSTEM or as a privileged user. If PSS is running check the event log for any error messages from the PSS service. The following KB article provides a lot of information on troubleshooting the PSS service:


For #2, the url looks fine to me. Why do you say "its wrong"? what's wrong with it? is the file not there? what happens when you try to access this url directly from your browser?

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Hi and thanks for answer.:-)

I want to use PSS. In my code I either render as Image (gives me broken image with the tag

<img id="Graf" src="/chartfx70/temp/CFT1212_10281814ED8.png"  WIDTH="800" HEIGHT="600"  usemap="#GrafMap" border="0" oncontextmenu ="return false;"/> 

) or .Net (gives me an empty frame, the source says:

 <object codetype="application/octet-stream" id="Graf" classid="/chartfx70/download/ChartFX.NetIEClient.dll#ChartFX.NetIEClient.Chart" standby="Downloading Chart FX control please wait ..."  WIDTH="800px" HEIGHT="600px" >

<PARAM NAME="DataPath" VALUE="/chartfx70/temp/CFT1212_10323405E1E.chw">


I was under the impression that there is something wrong if it points directly to a .png, it should point to an .aspx....). Trying to access the file, the .png when rendering as image, directly gives me

500 - Internal server error.

There is a problem with the resource you are looking for, and it cannot be displayed.


 The web site is in a trusted area...

Are you sure ChartFX is 100% certified for Longhorn and IIS 7.0? And why is the servicepack acting so strange?






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We had a very similar issue with this. It was working for me, and then we posted our site and everything just crapped out.

Looking at your reply, you never mentioned making the PSS directory in the ChartFX70 directory an application. This is required for ChartFX to work.

In IIS, browse to your application's virtual directory. Expand the ChartFX70 directory there. If it's not there, then create it.

Expand that ChartFX Virtual Directory and then right click the PSS directory and go to properties.

In there, you should see a check box that says something like "Make this an application". Make sure that this is checked, or running as an application.

Restart IIS if it's not set up as an application and then your application should run.

If not, let us know what your IIS directory looks like and we can go from there. :-)

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> Are you sure ChartFX is 100% certified for Longhorn and IIS 7.0

No. Until Windows Server 2008 is released we cannot say is 100% certified. However, we are not aware of any issues at this point.

As for IIS 7 we have extensively tested Chart FX against it.

In any case, if there are any errors they are likely to be only installation errors that can be circumvented by registering some things manually like virtual directories.

The fact that your URL is pointing to TEMP indicates that Chart FX could not connect to PSS and therefore defaulted back to temporary files in a folder. Please check the event-log for any messages from PSS.

For this kind of situation where some back-and-forth is required it is usually faster to contact Software FX support directly.

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Hi and thanks for response.

The PSS is an application.

I have also tried the trick of running the PSS in classic mode.

I am allmost certain that there are issues with ChartFX and Windows2008. For example, The servicepack has no text label to the Install button. Just a minor detail, but it indicates that there is something going on....

Frank, you are right, the PSS just doesn't kick in. Every now and then after reboot I get entries in the event log that the PSS has trouble starting. I then start it manually and it looks ok.

I will try one more time to reinstall  ChartFX it but I suspect the deinstallation not to clean it all up. What do I need to do completely remove chartfx?


The odd thing about this is, as I mentioned earlier, that it worked pretty good (even the PSS)

until I ran the service pack (that was allready installed). 

If it still does not work, I will contact software support.







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