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Different formating styles for series.

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How could I get the different formatting styles ( in DataEditorObj ) for different Series. I would like to have two series in DataEditorObj , first would have currency formatting ( $ ) , second - percentage sign ( % ). Cause, for example, if I apply currency formatting style for labels on axisY, automatically I get all series in DataEditorObj formatted by currency. Is here the only solution to have secondary Yaxis ? and then having one series per one Yaxis which has it's own formatting ?

Thank You for any help or good ideas :)

Linas Jankauskas

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Thank You for quick response !


Linas Jankauskas

"SoftwareFX Support" <support@softwarefx.com> wrote in message news:sZQWJylXCHA.3140@webserver1.softwarefx.com...

You will need to assign each series to a different Y-Axis, the formatting is controlled by the axis object. To assign a series to another axis, simply set:

chart1.Series[x].YAxis = <axis index>

To set-up the extra axis:

chart1.Axis[<axis index>].<Property> = <value>;



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