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distributions in a Pie chart


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 I'm binding to a observablecollection containing a field called Result. The content of Result can be Success, Failed or Running. What I would like to show in a Pie chart is the distribution of this field.

Let's say I have 4 items in the observablecollection of which 2 are Success, 1 is Failed and 1 is Running. What I would like to see in my chart is one slice of 50% and two of 25%. What I'm getting at the moment is 4 slices.

Is it possible to obtain this via the Chart control or do I need to prepare the data before I bind to the SeriesAttributes?


Thanks for all help.


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We have made some changes in our beta3 branch to support this scenario.


<XmlDataProvider x:Key="myXmlData">   <x:XData>   <Elems xmlns="">   <Elem Result="Success" />     <Elem Result="Failed" />     <Elem Result="Running" />     <Elem Result="Success" />   </Elems>   </x:XData></XmlDataProvider>


cfx:Chart Gallery="Pie" x:Name="chart1" Grid.Row="2" Margin="10" DataBound="OnDataBound">   <cfx:Chart.ItemsSource>   <Binding Source="{StaticResource myXmlData}" XPath="Elems/Elem" />   </cfx:Chart.ItemsSource>   <cfx:Chart.DataTransforms>   <cfxData:CrosstabTransform RowPath="@Result" Sorted="false"/>   </cfx:Chart.DataTransforms></cfx:Chart>

You can upgrade your bits to beta3 here

Because you will be binding to a collection of CLR objects your RowPath should be the name of the property (enum or string) that represents the result without the @ sign. Please note that we also fixed some issues related to the ObservableCollection change events when using DataTransforms.



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