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Some time back in this post I mentioned that I needed a rose chart, which you graciously provided (thank you for that, by the way).  However, there's a number of things that either I haven't figured out how to do, or that aren't supported.

In particular:

Is it possible to hide all of the gridlines?  I've been able to hide the circular gridlines (except for the outermost one), but not the others.

The initial announcement of the rose chart said that point labels weren't supported.  Has this changed?

The product I'm using the rose chart for has a user-specified internal radius, as well as a user-specified number of bars (and hence, starting angle for the first bar of the chart).  As a result, it would be very nice if we could bind to the Rose gallery object...
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1. Future builds will support this. You will have to set Visibility to Collapsed for AxisX.Grids.Major.Visibility, AxisY.Grids.Minor.Visibility and AxisY.Line.Visibility

2. Not yet.

3. Future builds will allow bindings in most of the per-gallery properties including Rose: StartingAngle, Round, SweepDirection, InternalRadius.

These improvements will show up in our beta 3 branch soon.



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