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Chart.PointCount property


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The current version of the API Reference says the PointCount property is "Used to set the number of data points allocated for the chart"

If I bind an ItemsSource with 20 items and set the PointCount to 10 for example, I was expecting to only see 10 points of the series display, but I still see all 20.

Is this not the intended purpose of this property? 

Is there an easy way to control the number of points that display on the chart other than modifying the ItemsSource?

Thanks for the help!

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The PointCount property should not be used, it is a way to fake random points in an easy way in your XAML. When passing data manually (instead of binding) we recommend you use Data.Points and Data.Series. I apologize for the documentation misleading you, we will correct this soon.

We do not have a property that will "truncate" the elements when using ItemsSource, if you can use LinQ in your project there might be a quick way to get the first X elements in your collection.



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