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As part of a chart Reset/ReInit/Refresh operation, I have written code to programmatically set the Axis.Title.Content property to a new value.  The dynamic title works fine on the first pass or layout chart, but upon user chosen operation and chart refresh, the axis title does not show.  I inspected the Content and Visibility property variables before refresh at runtime using the debugger, and there are indeed appropriate values.

I perform the  refresh using the Chart.Refresh() method.  Is there another property I must set before refresh?

Thoughts?  Hints?  Tips?



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Is it possible you are creating new Y axes in your reset/refresh operation? I tried the following code in a button

int n;

if (chart1.AxisY.Title.Content == null)   n = 0;else   n = (int) chart1.AxisY.Title.Content;

chart1.AxisY.Title.Content = n + 1;

This works fine everytime you press the button so I think it is possible a new Y axis is being created (either in your code or as a result of how you are refreshing the chart).



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Here is the general template...

Reset(); // calls Chart.Series.Clear()

InitPlot(); // programmatically binds to DataContext since it can hold arbitrary number of series

Refresh(); // calls Chart.Refresh()

In my Reset() method, I perform a Chart.Series.Clear() operation.  I added a button and event handler to perform the increment and title set operations you described and this works as long as I do not previously clear the series data in the Reset().

I understand that the Series represents the underlying chart data, and it appears that there is an dependency event fired when the Series.Count == 0 because I wrote a loop to emulate Series.Clear and the effect was the same.  The legend appears just fine as do the series of points upon reset/reinit/refresh.  But is there a way to pin both the x- and y- axis?

Many Thanks,


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