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Cannot bind datatable to chart


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Hello all,

this is a very newbie question but with the help document i cannot bind a datatable to the chart.

Basicallyi am not getting the datatable from a database, im creating a datablewith dynamic data that the user types in the application.

The thing is when i bind the datable to the chart, doesnt display the value.

DataTable t = new DataTable();t.Columns.Add("Name");t.Columns.Add("Age");DataRow dr = t.NewRow();dr[0] = "Duncan";dr[1] = 25;t.Rows.Add(dr);mFarmLoadChart.DataSource = t;

Doi need to set some basic stuff to the chart like series and such? Sorryto bother you with such a trivial thing but reading the documentation icouldnt find out what are the most basic settings i must set for thechart to load a datatable.
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 try this (replace your datasource):

mFarmLoadChart.DataSourceSettings.Fields.Add(new FieldMap("Age", FieldUsage.Value)); // Set the Y axis valuesmFarmLoadChart.DataSourceSettings.Fields.Add(new FieldMap("Name", FieldUsage.Label)); // Set the X axis valuesmFarmLoadChart.DataSourceSettings.DataSource = t;

All written in the documentation/examples


Raydenxxx (France)

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