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AxisX and Custom labels question


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I am trying to customize the labels so to reflect the actual time (DateTime.Now) when they show up on the screen in (RealTimeMode.Scroll, RealTimeAction.Append). In example:

I have 30 points, AxisX.Max = 30, BufferSize = 30, AxisX.MinorStep = 1, AxisX.Step = 3, AxisX.LableValue = x (where x is the number of seconds between the: BeginAddData and EndAddData calls). Let's say x = 1.

What I want to do is: Every lable (MajorTick) on the X axis to show the DateTime.Now + the number of seconds ( x * lableIndex ). I spent a day and couldn't find a flexible way of doing this. 


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The way i'm passing data to the chart is pretty straightforward: chart.data[x,chart.axisx.count -1] = y once every second.

What I want to do is format the labels like this: DateTime.Now.AddSeconsds(lableX index). So i.e. the next lable that appears on the chart should be DateTime.Now.AddSeconds(26) (because it is the 26th step or major tick)

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And there is one more issue, not related to AxisX labels.When I disable all of the commands in the chart:

foreach (Command com in chart1.Commands)

com.Enabled =


There is one command that is still enabled: "Edit title". How can I disable that command and if I do, would that prevent the property box from opening when the end-user right-clicks on the chart. I'm thinking, if all of the commands are disabled, then the property box itself should be disabled right ?

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Why would anyone bother to reply to me? Aside those two problems that I have, there's a serious problem that i came across in my application. When using the real time data and constantly appending new values to the chart, when i minimize the chart it blows up with a hard error. All it takes to reproduce it is to minimize and maximize a couple of times. Anyone interested in more details, look at the screen shot and/or send me a message.

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