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AutoScrollMargin and AutoScrollMinSize


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Actually the problem is described below:

The AutoScrollMargin and AutoScrollMinSize properties were coming from Windows.Forms.ScrollableControl class which comes in the hierarchy of Chart Class in version 6.2. This ScrollableControl class in turn inherits from Control Class. In version 7.0 the Chart class is directly inheriting from Control class and ScrollableControl is not coming into picture at all. Hence these properties are not available in Chart Object.

So how will we utilize these properties in Chart FX 7.

Waiting for your valuable feedback.

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You are correct. In Chart FX 6.2 we derived from UserControl while in Chart FX 7 we derive from Control.

Under what scenario were you using these properties? In other words, forget for a second how you did it in 6.2 and describe what you want to do (what were you using these properties for?).

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