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How do you use a BrushConverter?


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On several of our charts, we'd like to have the bars drawn with a linear gradient, where we only need to specify the basic color.  The BrushConverter in ChartFX.WPF.Converters seems like it should be a perfect solution, but even after following the examples in the quickstart doc, I can't get it to work; tracing the bindings shows that the BrushConverter is always returning null.

 How is it that you're supposed to use the BrushConverter?

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The following DataTemplate shows a couple of uses of a BrushConverter

<cfxConverters:BrushConverter x:Key="MyBrushConverter"/><DataTemplate x:Key="SimpleBar">   <Rectangle x:Name="Bar" Canvas.Left="{Binding Path=Left}" Canvas.Top="{Binding Path=Top}" Width="{Binding Path=Width}" Height="{Binding Path=Height}" Stroke="Black">   <Rectangle.Fill>   <!--   <Binding Path="Self" Converter="{StaticResource MyBrushConverter}" ConverterParameter="L,0,0,0,1,2,=,0,@0;-40,1" />   -->   <Binding Path="Self" Converter="{StaticResource MyBrushConverter}" ConverterParameter="L,0,0,0,1,2,=,0,#FF0000,1" />   </Rectangle.Fill>   </Rectangle>   <DataTemplate.Triggers>   <DataTrigger Binding="{Binding Path=Dimmed}"> <DataTrigger.Value>   <sys:Boolean>True</sys:Boolean>   </DataTrigger.Value>   <Setter Property="Opacity" Value="0.25" TargetName="Bar" />   </DataTrigger>   </DataTemplate.Triggers></DataTemplate>

Both converters share the following

L -> Linear Brush0,0,0,01 -> Linear Gradient StartPoint and EndPoint2 -> 2 Gradient Stops

What follows is as many gradient stops as needed, in the first sample (commented) we create a gradient that goes from the original color to a darker one using the HSV method

=,0 -> = Means use the base color and 0 is the gradient offset@0;-40,1 -> @ Means use HSV model, 0 means not affecting the saturation and -40 means substracting 40 from value. 1 is the gradient offset

The second one creates a gradient that goes from the original color to red

=,0 -> = Means use the base color and 0 is the gradient offset#FF0000, 1-> Means use Red and 1 is the gradient offset

Additionally BrushConverter also exposes HLS conversion (using the % character) or changing alphas. Please let me know if you need samples of these.

I apologize for the delay of this post, we have been very busy working out the bits for our go-live license.



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