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Newbie Question: How to create a Range with an Area Chart


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Hi Everybody,

 within the documentation you can see some examples for area charts:

Posted Image

Right in the middle you can see a so called Range-Chart. For my understanding this will be reached by using an Area-Chart an passing two y-Values. Maybe it would also be possible to define two lines, glue them and fill the space between it. Also at the combination gallery you can see such a range with additional lines.

My question to this is quite simple:

How to achieve this with ChartFX? After reading the documentation and playing with the series i really don't find the right clue.

Best regards,


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The easies way it to use the Wizard. In the Gallery Section select Area nd the "Polygon".

Then go to "Adjust Data To Chart" and select the fields for the bottom (From) and top (To) of your strip.

 In code, this can be achieved by using:

chart.Data.YFrom[i,j] = lowerValue;

chart.Data.Y[i,j] = higherValue;

Or if you are doing databinding (the way the wizard does it) simply add a FieldMap with Usage = FieldUsage.FromValue.

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