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Hi,I was developing a chart in evaluation version in my Access 2003 application.

Now i buy the Chart FX but now suddenly the ChartFX has Expired message started to appear in my chart.I do not understand what is happening because my serial is recent. I did uninstall chartfx and install it again but the message still occurring.

Could you help me ?

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I had this same problem in Access 2002. It seems that the license is embedded in the Access form itself. I was told by support to just drop another chart object onto the form and use that instead but it did not work for me.

I think you have to recreate the form from scratch. I went a bit further just to be sure, I created a new DB and imported all the objects from my original DB except the form with the Chart object, then copied over the code module and form objects into a new form. If you import the original form to the new DB it will copy across the embedded license key as well and you will still have the same problem.

Hope this does not cause too much problems for you, it was a bit of a nightmare for me as the process for purchasing the license was delayed so I started developing against the production version of our product using the eval license of Chartfx, only to come across this problem.

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Thank you for your response but it cause much problem for me because i use Micorsoft VSS 2005 and it's very difficult to me to recreate my entire project. I would lost my entire historic :s

There's no way to reinitialise the license in my project ????!

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