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  1. ChartFX obviously is meant to support use in Access report. This has been taken from the manual To Include the Chart FX ActiveX control in your Access form or report
  2. I have an area chart with two series, where one series may mask the data of the other. So I have made the front one have a slight alpha transparency to it. However this series now ends up with drop lines for each data point which I cannot seem to turn off. The documentation would seem to imply that I could turn it off with Chart.Series(0).InternalBorder = False but the drop lines remain. I have also tried to just turn off the border for the series. Somebody please help. Sample vb code below. Dim obj As Cfx62ClientServer.chart nSeries = 2 nPoints = 10 Set obj = Chart1.Object With obj i = 0 .OpenData COD_Values, nSeries, nPoints Do While (i < nSeries) j = 0: tmp = 0 Do While (j < nPoints) tmp = tmp + (Rnd()) * 10 .Value(i, j) = tmp j = j + 1 Loop i = i + 1 Loop .CloseData COD_Values .Gallery = Gallery_Area .Titles(0).Text = "Test chart for drop lines" With .Series(0) .Color = 882413046 ' transparent End With .Series(1).Color = 11790003 End With
  3. You need to specify the type of export to copy to the clipboard Chart1.Export FileFormat_Bitmap, Null The options for the type are as follows FileFormat_Binary FileFormat_BinaryTemplate FileFormat_Bitmap FileFormat_Metafile FileFormat_Text FileFormat_XML Hope this works Steve ChartFXMigration62to70.pdf
  4. sfalla

    License expired

    I had this same problem in Access 2002. It seems that the license is embedded in the Access form itself. I was told by support to just drop another chart object onto the form and use that instead but it did not work for me. I think you have to recreate the form from scratch. I went a bit further just to be sure, I created a new DB and imported all the objects from my original DB except the form with the Chart object, then copied over the code module and form objects into a new form. If you import the original form to the new DB it will copy across the embedded license key as well and you will still have the same problem. Hope this does not cause too much problems for you, it was a bit of a nightmare for me as the process for purchasing the license was delayed so I started developing against the production version of our product using the eval license of Chartfx, only to come across this problem.
  5. Hachem, I am not able to reproduce this. Are you able to provide some sample working code and some screenshots of what you are experiencing? Steve
  6. sfalla

    Multiple Y-Axis

    As Gunner mentioned, you need to configure the properties on the AxisY2 object, but you also need to assign your data series to use the second Y Axis. See below. ' Set the first data series to Bar Chart and use the main Y Axis With Chart0.Series(0) .Gallery = Gallery_Bar .YAxis = YAxis_Main End With ' Set the second data series to Line Chart and use the secondary Y Axis With Chart0.Object.Series(1) .Gallery = Gallery_Lines .YAxis = YAxis_Secondary End With ' Format the second Y Axis With Chart0.AxisY2 .min = 0 .max = 100 End With Steve
  7. sfalla

    Multiple Panes

    You need to assign a series to an axis, then assign an axis to the pane. Series 0 -> YAxis_Main ' 0 Series 1 -> YAxis_Secondary ' 1 Series 2 -> 3 ' All Extra Axis start from 3, as 2 is reserved Try this, it works for me and you should get series 0 in the first pane, series 1 in the seocnd pane and series 2 in the third pane. With Chart1.Series(0) .Gallery = Gallery_Lines .Border = True .YAxis = YAxis_Main End With Chart1.AxisY.Pane = 0 With Chart1.Series(1) .Gallery = Gallery_Lines .LineWidth = 2 .MarkerShape = MarkerShape_None .YAxis = YAxis_Secondary End With Chart1.AxisY2.Pane = 1 With Chart1.Series(2) .Gallery = Gallery_Lines .Border = True .YAxis = 3 ' YAxis_Main = 0, YAxis_Secondary = 1, 2 is reserved for XAxis, extra axis start from 3 End With Chart1.axis(3).Pane = 2
  8. I have created a multi series pie chart, which will show the name of the series above each pie chart. I have looked all over the documentation and the forums for a way to modify the way the text for the title looks and is positioned. Surely there must be a way to do this. A sample graph of what I have at the moment is below. Even if I am able to set the font attributes of the series title it would help. Thanks in advance
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