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Total Novice Question - How to


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hi there, i am a total newbie to the powershell / powergadgets world but have a real need to get up to speed quickly.

 I have a Database lets say contains open service requests - what I want is to do the following.

 Display all open tickets for each company in a chart - so horizontal axis is company name and vertical is amount of tickets.

I also want a gauge showing the number of open tickets (I have this working using SQL).

I would also like that if I drill down on the gauge (say for overdue tickets) it shows me a table of the tickets.

We need this to try to manage support tickets.

What I am not sure of is - is this something that can be done with powergadgets (and SQL) and if so is there examples of this kind of work out there, I find the help on powergadgets a little well for the more experienced.

I think it is a super product that is exactly what we need right now.

 Any help would be really grateful.


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This is a good usage scenario, but can require some intermediate/expert knowledge of PowerShell and PowerGadgets.

If you are able to provide more information, I can try to help you, but can't guarantee how long it might take to make everything work.

Please email me directly marco.shaw _@_ gmail.com (remove the spaces and underscores).


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