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Bug in Point Tooltip?


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I am trying to customize the tooltips for a series through code.  I am setting the ToolTips.Format property to "%v on %x" but I am seeing the series name on the tooltip when it appears.  I have tried other formatting but the series name always appears on the first line of the tooltip.  Am I doing something wrong?


I'm using build 0.8.3111.29088.


series = new SeriesAttributes();series.ToolTips.Format = cSeries.ToolTips.Format;
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Because we support visuals to represent a series (using the Series.ContentTemplate) property it is not possible to include the series in our built-in format, in previous versions (.NET WinForms, ASP.NET) our default Format was something like "%s\n%v" so if you changed the format you could control whether the series name was visible or not.

With our new approach you will have to change the template used for the Tooltips. You can do so by modifying ToolTips.Template as follows


DataTemplate x:Key="MyToolTip">   <TextBlock Text="{Binding Path=ToolTip}" /></DataTemplate>

chart1.AllSeries.ToolTips.Template = (

DataTemplate) FindResource("MyToolTip");




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