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One Window with multiple Gauges and Data Sources


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I am evaluating the product to augment my monitoring solution. 

I am trying to build a Monitoring Window with a Map (simple background) and add 20 or 25 gauges or charts to it.

Each Gauge/chart might get information from a different datasource.

If I create each gauge as a separate one and start them all up they will floar around the desktop and not be linked to a window.

If I use groups only one displays at the same time.

If I use Inner it looks like I can use only a single datasource.

Is there any alternative for this request on this version ?



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With the current PowerGadgets version you can't host the gadget inside some kind of Windows application.  Now, you have a possible workaround like having a monitor with your background as the map, and then placing your gadgets that way.

Now, as for inner gauges, it has been a while since I've looked at these, but you can definitely create multiple inner gauges and each can have a different data source.

Don't hesitate to email support AT powergadgets.com.  They may well have something new for you to possibly test. 

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