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Timespan on the x-axis


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Hello all.

 I have a chart where the x-axis shows some timeperiods and a number of y-axis can show different values.

I always have a dummyserie ensuring that the x-axis will span over 24 hours (from midnight to midnight) if there is no data to show. If only this dummyserie (containing 2 chartitems with the value 0.0 for each midnight) the x-axis spans from midnigh to midnight. This is how I want the chart to span.

If the actual data serie contain any data exceeding 10pm the end of the x-axis goes beyond midnight always adding 2 hours to the latest data in the data series. If the data I want to show has a value at 11.55 pm the endpoint on the x-axis will be 01.55 am the next day.

 What can be the cause of this? Can anyone help.


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>> About the dummy Series.

If your axis always goes from midnight to midnight you should be able to change the X axis Min and Max to force that range.

>> About the end of the X axis exceeding your max by 2 hours.

This sounds like a possible mismatch between time zones. Can you expand on how are you passing the data to the chart? Are you using DataTable? LinQ? CLR objects? XML?



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I don't see a need for changing the chart component.

The problem was that I gave the chart-component different datetime-types for the data vs. the datetimes specifying the min and max of the x-axis. One was in UTC and the other in local time. As long as I pass the same datetime-type for both the data to be shown and the min and max of the x-axis the chart will show the data correct.




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