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Area chart incorrectly drawn when scrolling


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I have a problem drawing area charts using ChartFX Client Server 6.2. The problem is that the area charts are incorrectly rendered when chart is zoomed and scrolled.

I have provided the code, which is basically the simplest area sample from the documentation (Year as category axis, and Low/High values for the range band):

Public Class MyForm    Dim rs As ADODB.Recordset    Private Sub initdb()        Dim myConnectionString = "Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0;" _           & "Data Source=C:\Program Files\Chart FX Client Server 6.2\" _           & "Help & Samples\ChartfxSamples.mdb;"        Dim mySelectQuery = "SELECT Year, Low, High from SampleCombination1"        Dim myConnection As New ADODB.Connection        myConnection.Open(myConnectionString)        rs = myConnection.Execute(mySelectQuery)    End Sub    Private Sub plot()        ' Define DataTypes        Chart1.DataType.Item(0) = Cfx62ClientServer.DataType.DataType_Label        Chart1.DataType.Item(1) = Cfx62ClientServer.DataType.DataType_IniValue        Chart1.DataType.Item(2) = Cfx62ClientServer.DataType.DataType_Value        ' Define Series        Chart1.Series(0).Gallery = Cfx62ClientServer.Gallery.Gallery_Area        Chart1.Series(0).Color = &HFF
        ' Bind to rs        Chart1.DataSource = rs    End Sub    Private Sub MyForm_Load(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) _              Handles MyBase.Load        initdb()        plot()    End SubEnd Class

The following picture shows the results:

Posted Image

Now, when I zoom in on first two points (1987-1988), at first I get the results as expected:

Posted Image 

But then if I use the vertcal scrollbar to move the chart vertically, I have strange results. Following picture shows the same area as above, but scrolled down:

Posted Image


It seems like the area is not rendered correctly, and this is clearly different from previous picture, so you can imagine how the chart looks like when multiple series are displayed and scrolled.

I tried a lot of googling to find similar bug reports, but was unable to find the answer, so I hope I will find someone here who will be able to help. I am using ChartFX Client Server 6.2 with service pack (ChartFx.ClientServer.Core.dll 6.2.2532.19852) on Windows Vista Business.

Thanks a lot!

Best regards.


P.s. I have included the sample app as well.

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Should this be reported as a bug, in order to get a hotfix or something (if possible)?

Our project should be entering the testing phase soon, and now we found a bug in something we feel is the core functionality of our application. We have several sets of min-max data which must be displayed as semitransparent bands on one or more panes, and the zoom function is a must.

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Yes. In order to ensure the bug gets logged in our system and to receive a notification when the bug is fix and a hotfix becomes available you need to contact Software FX support.

To save some time, make sure you provide them with a sample app that reproduces the problem. This problem in particular seems to be data related so the code snippet you posted is probably not going to be enough for the support guys to reproduce it. Maybe you can copy the data this particular chart has and create a sample that plots the same chart but where the data is hard-coded.

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Thanks for you reply, we have sent a mail to Software FX Support.

We however don't believe it is data related (after all, the sample provided in the first mail is taken from Samples & Resources center / Combinations samples / Line chart with Range Band), because it happens without any exceptions for all data we pass this way. We have also tried passing data using both DataSet and plain Arrays as data sources, and did not find any differences.

It looks like it happens whenever the range data is scrolled partially past the border of the canvas.

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