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Is a "rose chart" possible?


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We do not support rose charts "natively".

We do support the concept of gallery extensions which we can plug into our core, we will evaluate rose charts for possible inclusion in future builds as one of these extensions, do you also use other variants of rose charts in your current app? e.g.

- Multi Series

- Stacked

- Combination with other gallery types

By wrinting an extension as opposed to a "core" supported gallery we can ignore certain combinations/properties until they are requested by other customers as opposed to trying to support all of our current API.



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I'm looking at the source code from our previous version right now, and it doesn't appear that we need any of those other variants.  About the only thing that we would need that might be unusual and that isn't evident from the example I posted, is the ability to specify the starting angle, e.g., that the first bar should be drawn horizontally and to the right, with the rest following from that.



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We have written a Rose extension for our WPF chart that you can now test. It supports some of the features we thought could be useful (e.g. stacked, drawing bars or slices, etc.) but there are still some features not supported (e.g. PointLabels).

Please send a message to wpf at softwarefx dot com to request a hotfix including this new assembly.



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