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Difference between ChartFX Contour Graph and other contour Chart


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I am using ChartFx 7 Winform (V.7.0.2893.24916) with Visual Studio 2008 (WinFx 3.5).

I have successfully plotted Contour chart on ChartFx. I am also using Matlab Software for contour chart.

I have plotted same data on ChartFx contour chart and Matlab chart. But Both result are quite different. Hope this is the correct way to plot Contour chart. I have attached image taken from ChartFx and Matlab So please have a look on it. It will gives you clear Idea.

My code for chartFx Contour is:

      ChartFX.WinForms.Chart chart = new ChartFX.WinForms.Chart();   chart.Gallery = Gallery.Contour;     Surface myContour = (Surface)chart.GalleryAttributes;   myContour.ShowContourLines= true;     System.Drawing.Color[] colors = new System.Drawing.Color[] {  System.Drawing.Color.White,System.Drawing.Color.White,System.Drawing.Color.White };   myContour.Colors = colors;

      chart.Data.Series = 256;   chart.Data.Points = 256;   int count = 0;   for (int series = 0; series < chart.Data.Series; series++)   for (int point = 0; point < 256; point++)   { chart.Data[series, point] = contourPoints[count].HT*1000;   count++;   } 

My data for Contour chart is in text file but the sample data is given below.

y(f1) x(f2) ht  0 0 0.00020   0 1 0.00021   0 2 0.00022   0 3 0.00023   0 4 0.00024 .......

  1   0 0.00020   1   1 0.00021   1   2 0.00022   1   3 0.00023   1   4 0.00024  and so on......

I am worried why both graphs are different with same data. Using above code and data, ChartFx give me dashed line contour chart while I am getting perfact result from matlab. what's different between both of them? please reply soon.



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I don't see a difference.

Both charts look the same to me. A contour chart is made up contour lines. I'm not familiar with Matlab's contour charts but in Chart FX these lines are evenly spaced in the Y axis (the Y-Axis is going into the screen). In this case, Chart FX seems to be plotting more contour lines than Matlab, but that's the only difference I see.

You can change the number of contour lines by setting:

chart.AxisY.Step = <interval>;

In any case, I don't see them as two different charts but rather as different views of the same chart.

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