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Multiple Y-Axis


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I searched the forum to this topic, but didn't find something useful.

I have created a mutliple type chart via ASP(unfortunately no ASP.NET available) and need a second Y-Axis on the right side with an Axis Maximum of 100%. The red line should be at the top when its 100, but now its related to the left axis because i dont know how to create a second one.

For the left Axis i have done this:

Set AxisY = Chart.Axis(AXIS_Y)

  AxisY.Step = 25

  AxisY.MinorStep = 5

  AxisY.Max = 250

  AxisY.Min = 0

  AxisY.MinorTickMark = TS_CROSS

  AxisY.Grid = True

  AXISY.Decimals = 0

  AxisY.Title = "Pr

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As Gunner mentioned, you need to configure the properties on the AxisY2 object, but you also need to assign

your data series to use the second Y Axis. See below.

' Set the first data series to Bar Chart and use the main Y Axis

With Chart0.Series(0)

  .Gallery = Gallery_Bar

  .YAxis = YAxis_Main

End With

' Set the second data series to Line Chart and use the secondary Y Axis

With Chart0.Object.Series(1)

  .Gallery = Gallery_Lines

  .YAxis = YAxis_Secondary

End With

' Format the second Y Axis

With Chart0.AxisY2

  .min = 0

  .max = 100

End With


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