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Limitation of number of Additonal AxisY


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 My applicaiton makes heavy use of ChartFX libraries. One of my graph is a full screen graph which requires many number of series, around 20.

 Before proceeding for the development of that graph, I want to ensure if there is any limit on number of Additional number of axis you can create in the graph.

 Thanks in Advance


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No practical limit (everything has a limit when dealing with computers).

20 Y-Axis can be handled without a problem. Special consideration need to be taken to address layout issues that may arise by the large number of axes being shown in a small area.

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So, if you can have 20+ Y axis series, how do you do that? I only know of AxisY and AxisY2. How would you setup for several Y axes and get them displayed? Is there an example somewhere?

I ask because I ran into this problem and opted for series normalization instead. So, I'm very curious to know how this is done.




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chart.AxesY is a collection. You can add as many as you want:

 // Create additional Y-Axes

 AxisY y1 = new AxisY();


AxisY y2 = new AxisY();


AxisY y3 = new AxisY();


AxisY y4 = new AxisY();


// Associate Y-Axes with series 

chart1.Series[0].AxisY = y1;

chart1.Series[1].AxisY = y2;

chart1.Series[2].AxisY = y3;

chart1.Series[3].AxisY = y4;



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Okay, not as detailed as I was hoping for.

How's this... Is it possible to produce a chart similar to the one attached in ChartFX? If so, how would that be accomplished? It seems when I add multiple Y axes,  the additional ones do not show up on the chart.




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