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How to insert empty points


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Hi ....

Is there any way of inserting empty points. suppose i have 3 labels on x-axis and i want to assign values to only 1st & 3rd label, how can i do this?? I have tried missing the middle value but it shows me some garbage value  there.  Also i dont want to assign it 0.



Ubaid Tariq 

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Assuming you have a categorical X-Axis (no X-Values are supplied to the chart), you can assign empty labels by doing:

chart.AxisX.Labels = string.Empty;

If you are talking about X-values, not string labels, then I would need more information. I need to know the specifics about what data are you setting to the chart, what labels you want to see and what's the chart's gallery (bar, lines, etc.).

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 I am talking about Y-Values. Suppose i have 2 series for Sales & Refunds. I have got 5 labels on X-Axis from year 2000-2004. Now if i don't have any refund value for year 2002, how would i set it blank. Leaving it unassigned shows some garbage value there. I also don't want to set it to 0.

Lets make it work on bar chart. 


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