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Truncated Gridline label


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I'm having problem with Gridline Lables when they are outside the chart.
In fact, they are truncated... (see picture on the right, the last "e" is truncated)

Is it the same bug as truncated value in the pie chart?
If not, is there any way to fix this? (whitout puting the label inside the chart)

 Posted Image


Raydenxxx (France) 

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We are unable to reproduce this problem. I tried adding a custom gridline with the same text to the right and the margin adjusts correctly.

Are you changing the font for the Custom Gridline text? if so, which font (name, size, style) are you using? This may be a problem with the font's measures.

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 Thanks for the quick reply.

Yes I changed the font:

  private void AjouterSeparateurHorizontal(double Valeur, string Texte, Color Couleur, bool SepUtilisateur)
  CustomGridLine Ligne = new CustomGridLine(Valeur, Texte);
  Ligne.Color = Couleur;
  Ligne.Alignment = StringAlignment.Far;
  Ligne.Font = new Font("Verdana", 7);
  Ligne.OutsideText = SepUtilisateur;

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I still don't get the problem (see attached picture).

Two guesses:

1) You are not using the latest Service Pack from our support site.

2) Since this size is calculated by GDI+, this may be a bug in your Video Driver. Please try in a different computer/OS.

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Just testing with the lastest one (7.0.2893.24916) and the problem still here... :(

Note that I used font for all the graph

  // Initialisation des fonts   Font Verdana = new Font("Verdana", 8);   _GraphCourant.AxisX.Font = Verdana;   _GraphCourant.AxisY.Font = Verdana;   _GraphCourant.LegendBox.Font = Verdana;


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