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Constant Line not showig up

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I have a chart that has a constant 2 constant lines, one yellow and one red. 

The idea is to show a warning level and a danger level. For example, if a

particlular rate starts to creap too high, it will first cross the warning

line (Yellow). If it keeps creaping higher it will cross both the warning

and the danger line (Red).

The chart data is populated based on the users inputs and the constant line

values also depend on the data. This is all setup dynamicly at runtime.

The chart is a barchart. There is a line series that is sometimes displayed.

ChartFX automaticly scales the chart depending on the data so that the chart

looks nice which is fine. However, I would like to be able to make sure that

the Constant lines are always visible in the chart area and also have at

least a little space above and below them so that they are clearly distinct

from the border of the charting area.

In some cases (but not all) I do know the absolute maximum and minimum

however it doesn't seem to be a good fix to always set this. For example, if

I am chartign a Rate then I know that the values will always be from 0 to

100%. But in some cases the values always stay low, for example between 0

and 5%. So drawing a chart with a ranges from 0 to 100% just makes the data

had to see along the bottom.

I could set the Max (or Min) to just a little higher than the Red line but

then if I had actual data values higher than the red line they they would

get cut off.

What is a good way to get the kind of formatting that I want?


Zack Moore

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Thanks, that worked almost perfectly. The code you sent me would set the max 

to the red line and so when the red line was the highest thing in the chart

it was flush against the top. I modified what you sent me to add 10% above

the red line so it shows up better.



chart1.AxisY.Max = m;


"SoftwareFX Support" <noreply@softwarefx.com> wrote in message


> After setting the chart data and the constant lines, add the following

> code:


> chart1.AxisY.Max = Math.Max(chart1.AxisY.Max,constantLineValue);


> --

> Francisco Padron

> www.chartfx.com


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