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some sort of separator/custom image for gridline


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I'm trying to produce a graph with Chart FX 7.

I would like some sort of Break/Discontinuity to show when there is a specific value on the axis.

For instance if the datasource contains the years 2006-2007 (cf attached image), display squiggly line separators (as grossly painted) betwen the 2005-2006 and the 2006-2007 marks.

Now I've no Idea what to key word search for on the web or in the help files and I've been looking.

If someone's got a suggestion please fire away, I'd be real grateful

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We do not support discontinuous axis in the current version of Chart FX.

The drawing of the discontinuity can be achieved using annotation objects, the discontinuity itself however is the biggest problem as there is no way in Chart FX to tell an axis to use different scaling in different sections.

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I appreciate your answer frank. So far this is what I was able to acheive (attached). Now you mentionned using annotations. I'll certainly be looking into that but if you happen to have an example that you think might jump start my spaceship please post it up.

Thanks again.


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