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Backcolor stratification


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is it possible to apply differents colors for the background?
I'd like to do a stratification like this:

Posted Image


I tried with AxisSections but it doesn't work because they are only on one axis (one "from" and one "to").
I don' t want to use a picture in the background because it would be parametrable.

I'm open to any suggestion

Thank you,
Raydenxxx (France)

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The best option I see is to create annotation rectangles (using the annotation extension) for each of the colored rectangular areas.Annotation objects can be attach to logical X and Y axis coordinates so that they can be moved and resize as a response to changes in the scale (e.g. size of the chart changes).

There is documentation for creating annotation objects in the programmer's guide. That should get you there.

If the specific colors are not important but all you care about is that they are different from each other, you can achieve this by creating translucent axis sections in both the X-and Y-Axis. The intersection of two or more translucent colors will produce a different color.

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It just seemed easier :) -- you could avoid dealing with annototion x/y coodinates or handling the resize events. You also get mouse hover effects and tool tips without extra programming, and don't need to care about any painting or positioning - just pass the data and forget about it.

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