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Decimals in DataGrid - Per Row


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I've asked a similar question regarding this in the past and the answer was to do the following: Chart.AxisY.DataFormat.Decimals = 3

This works great generally.  However, I need something a little different.

I might have 3 Y Axis and each one requires a different decimal setting.  Say Row 1 is 0, Row 2 is 3 and Row 3 is 6.  All of them reside on the same Y Axis.  If I use the above example, ALL of the rows in the data grid end up with 6 decimal places.  As far as I can tell, the decimal setting is not on the actual Axis Y row itself but more on the whole set of Axis Y objects. 

Please help.  I can phone if necessary today as this is somewhat critical.


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