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ChartFx inside updatepanel


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Hello Everybody,

I have been working the wholeday trying to make ChartFX inside ASP.net Ajax UpdatePanel. It seems to work when I choose rendering as Image and inject the control into Placeholder upon any changes made to the Chart object. Basically I would like the abilty of adding Series, Points and Axis at runtime based on user selection. I am initially displaying three series but want to add more series based on a user selection.Basically I thought this would save time since only the relevent series gets displayed initially and then I can add one or more series later. But now I think selectively adding series is not possible since SeriesAttributeCollection gets reset everytime page init occurs. Currently I am looping through all the series and adding them to the Chart even though some series are already displayed in the screen and no changes have been made to them. I have set EnableViewState to true and UseCallbacksForEvents to false for the Chart object.Is there anyway this can be done in chartfx?



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The Series collection represents the Series attributes, not the series themselves. The number of series in the chart is determined by the data.

So to add a series, you need to do:


Then you can access the Series collection to customize the attributes of the newly added series.

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Thanks for the reply Frank. I am already doing that when I want to add a new series. But the problem is Chart object in the page seems for forget everthing about the series and points after a async postback. Since I have chart object inside a update panel I want to load only the new series when the user chooses the series name thro a check box. Since some series are already displayed before the checkbox checked event fired I want to add only the new series to the chart object. But since Chart.Data.Points, Chart.Data.Series and the DataValues themselves seem to mysteriously reset themselves everytime an async postback occurs I have to readd all the series and point information again and again when user selects the checkbox eventhough some series are already displayed. i dont think this is an efficient solution. anything i am missing here? thanks

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