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WebFarm , DOC, & PSS down Issue


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Here's the scenario 

1) We have web farm setup and Disk Output cache enabled site.

2) PSS is running on both the servers with webfarm config settings enabled

3)If I hit the site goes to the server (say 1st server) and creates the image and the image URL is cached in DOC

4)Now assume the Pss is down on the above server which rendered the image ( here its 1st server)

5) If the request goes to the 1st server it will fetch it from the DOC there the image URL points to server 1.

6) Now the image failing to render becoz the first server is not able to handle the request as the PSS is down.

How could I solve the issue?

I need the image is always rendered on webfarm,DOC enabled setup eventhough the PSS is down.

Pls help.


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The PSS service is not fault tolerant in this way, bringing down one PSS service will cause all future request to the items stored by it to fail.

Notice that PSS is only used to store session information, the impact will be only to the active sessions.

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