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Is there a way to add a confirmation dialog box to your custom command buttons? 

Essentially, I want to have the user confirm the action the button is going to perform, similar to what I can do with an ASP.net button, which I can add to the grid template, but after processing one button, I am loosing visibility into the grid items collection (the results of which are nothing (seperate post)).


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Unfortunately, there is no easy way to do that.  I realize that is a pretty bad oversight, so I will be putting that into the next service pack.  It will be out in less than a month.  Here are some ideas for properties:

ConfirmationText.  This will throw up a confirmation dialog that will determine whether the command is executed.

ConfirmationType.  I was thinking this could give them the option to have OK/Cancel buttons, or just OK.

OnClickingScript.  Script run before command is run.

Have you seen the Grid FX confirmation dialog, like for when you delete a row?  These look a lot nicer than the traditional browser ones.  Would you be interested in having that available?

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Hi Stephen,

Yes, having this available would solve many of my issues.  The 3 options you listed would be great.  Using you dialog box is also a good option.  Please let me know when this will be available as I have a new solution I'll want to roll out as soon as I have these features. 


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