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  1. jvwiv

    Grid Scroll Bars

    Hi Guys, I have a grid that contains a few fields that are quite long. To facilitate reading the information in a grid format, I've added a Side Bar to the top of the form. This function works great when I have a few records on the form as it is always shown. The issue is that the users don't like having to page thru 10 pages of information to get to the record they are searching for. They want to be able to scroll down to the record, select it, and see the Notes fields at the top of the screen. I've seen other grids that allow me to enable a scroll bar within the grid and am wondering if that is available to me and if so how I can implement that feature. JVWIV
  2. Stephen, I'll give the stopPropagation a try. I couldn't use the CustomCommand command button due to the fact that I'm doing a responseredirect, which I understand will be resolved in the next service pack as well. By the By, when will that be coming out and where can I get a list of the enhancements that will be included?
  3. The button is an ASP.net button placed on the row. When clicking it, the selected row becomes deselected, and versa visa if it wasn't selected. In researching if all grids had the issue I found that some of my grids didn't exhibit this behaviour. the common issue there was a side bar. If a grid has a side bar the selection doesn't get toggled. So to resolve my issue I simply added a sidebar to the grid. But it does bring up the issue of how I can turn on/off multi row selection... Thanks! jvwiv
  4. Hi Guys, I have a grid that contains a pushbutton that executes code. Due to the type of code executed, Response.redirect, I can't have a call back and as such, the button is not a custom command. My users called complaining about an error they were getting when the run the application. Essentially, the error is that the grid1.selecteditems.count = 0 even though they selected the item, then clicked on the print button. What is happening, is that when the print button is pressed, the line is being deselected then the event is processing thereby causing grid1.selecteditems.count to be 0 instead of 1. How can I change the behaviour of the button or the grid so you cant deselect a line by clicking on it again? I only want you to be able to deselect a line when you click on the next line but don't want to force my users to have to select a line prior to clicking on the print button. Your help is appreciated... JVW
  5. Hi Stephen, I've added the Grid1.commands.refreshdata.getExecuteScript() in the executecustomcommand for the grid method in the code behind. The line gets executed, but no post back occurs during the firing of the event. The event does not generate the Java code on the page. (view source after firing the event) Here's what I'm trying to do. I have 2 grids on the form. When the user clicks a button on grid 1, the record from that grid is put into a table that is mapped to grid 2. So, I have vb code associated with that custom command button. The record gets added but the grid doesn't refresh until I manually click on the gridfx refresh button.
  6. Client side Java script would be nicest, but vb is where I'm already executing code (ExecutingCustomCommand) so that would work as well... Thanks for the help!
  7. Is there a way to programatically refresh items in the grid like the user can when he clicks on the Refresh items button associated with the grid?
  8. Did you try grid1.databind?
  9. jvwiv

    Children Grids

    Hi Stephen, Not sure if I'm missing something, but the code doesn't work as intended. ((Grid)sender).datavalues.primarykey.tostring The error I receive is that the ((grid)sender) isn't found. What am I doing wrong? John
  10. I'm trying to select a record from a grid fx grid and launch a new page with the value from the grid. I've created a asp.net button and the server.redirect works fine, but when I use a gridfx custom command, I get an error saying server.transfer can not be called in the page callback. Is there any other way then to use an ASP button to perform this task?
  11. jvwiv

    Template buttons

    Hi Stephen, Yes, having this available would solve many of my issues. The 3 options you listed would be great. Using you dialog box is also a good option. Please let me know when this will be available as I have a new solution I'll want to roll out as soon as I have these features. John
  12. jvwiv

    Template buttons

    Is there a way to add a confirmation dialog box to your custom command buttons? Essentially, I want to have the user confirm the action the button is going to perform, similar to what I can do with an ASP.net button, which I can add to the grid template, but after processing one button, I am loosing visibility into the grid items collection (the results of which are nothing (seperate post)).
  13. jvwiv

    Children Grids

    I have a child grid that I want to add a record to. The parent grid uses a unique key counter field that I need to pass into the child grid during record addition. I'm utilizing the following code to retrieve the ukid... Protected Sub Grid2_ItemInserting(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As GridFX.WebForms.GridItemInsertingEventArgs) Dim mod1 As IPQ = New IPQDim seqno As Int16 Dim ukid As Int16ukid = Grid1.SelectedItems(0).DataValues.PrimaryKey.ToString seqno = mod1.GetNextIPQNumber(ukid) e.DataValues.Item("ukid") = ukid e.DataValues.Item( "Sequence") = seqno End SubThe issue is that the ukid is not necessarily related to the grid record I'm working with. If I simply click on the + button to expand the child grid (grid2), the parent record that was used does not become the selected record and the ukid is not from the record that I'm adding. For example, record number 1 is currently selected. Click on the + button of record number 2 to show the children, click on the add button of grid # 2 and add the value. Run thru the code above and you'll see that the ukid is from record number 1, not record # 2. However, if I click on record number 2, then the + button, the selected UKID is that of record #2. How can I get the correct results?
  14. How do I add a calendar tool to the grid? I want to use a tool from Telerik that displays a pop up calendar to select a date from and keep receiving errors stating that I can not do so. Is there a trick to get this to work, or will GridFX come with a pop up calendar tool in the near future?
  15. Stephan - I must have changed something in the html code that isn't letting me into the custom template for editing so I thought I could go in from the HTML side of things and per your instructions, just change the field information there. On the template, could I change the datasource of the item to map to a new datasource, which has a filter associated with the current record? If so, do you have an example I could view? Thx
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