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Is it possible to eliminate the WebResources.axd file?

Scott Turner

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 Thanks for your prompt response Frank. We had a problem with bloated axd files impairing our bandwidth while using the Microsoft's ajax toolkit. We have implemented an web application firewall which notifies us when an axd file is created. We will need to modify this IHTTPModule to permit the file to be downloaded to the client. It would be nice if we did not have to do this. Thanks, Scott.

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I see. Unfortunately, I don't see a way to eliminate this reference. Note that the AXD is just a handler and has no impact on the bandwidth on its own. It all depends on what the AXD is serving. In the case of Chart FX the script file is just 18KB. Very small.

If you were to prevent this script file from being downloaded to the client, besides the AJAX functionality (which by the way does not use Microsoft's AJAX framework) you will lose the ability to generate Callback events and all UI. If you set Interactive = false and UseCallBackFor events = false (default) I think your charts will still render.

Notice that even for doing postbacks, there is an AXD resource in your page that comes form ASP.NET that is required. So I think in any case you are going to have to let through some AXD files regardless of what you decide with Chart FX.

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Thanks again for the advice. It is possible to write ASP .NET applications without using .AXD files. For the most part, asp does not automatically create them. The only time I got an AXD file in ASP was when I created a postback event on a text fields onchange event. This created four axd files. We just had to be careful with our post backs. Thanks again, we opened the firewall to allow your axd files to pass thru. Scott.

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