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Force X axis labels to be displayed


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Is there a way to force the visibility of all the labels on the X axis to be displayed, without having a extremely large chart display.  Right now the chart when rendered is showing ever other label even though there is a bar display for each value of data?



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Looks like there is just no room to display them all.

You can set chart.AxisX.Step = 1 to force it but then you will get overlapping which will render the chart unreadable. If there is no room to display all the labels what do you want to display?

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I need to display all lables at all time, is there a way to either make the bar size smaller which I assume will also make the axis smaller?  right now I have the width of the chart set at 650 which is huges in respect to the entire web page and it is showing a chart for an enter month of 31 days, on the X axis the labels read like (Sat 3/2/2008, Sun 3/3/2008, etc in a vertical facing fashion.

I can try to set the Step property to one and see what happends but I am sure it's like you say it will overlap.  any additional suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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The question is what do you want to see. You can make the Font smaller.

Ask yourself this: if you were to draw this chart by hand, how will you draw the labels so that all of them fit in a reduced space?

You can attach a drawing of what you would like to see and then I can tell you whether or not (and how) it can be achieved with Chart FX.

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