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I trying to monitor the cpu with the following command:

Get-WmiObject win32_perfformatteddata_perfos_processor | where {$_.name -eq "_Total"} | out-gauge -value percentprocessortime -floating -refresh 0:0:1

 Everything is working exept the refresh. What I'm doing wrong here? (I have a trial version.)

 RegardsSandro Pizzingrilli



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I tried your command on a system using the trial version and everything seems to work fine. Are you using the latest trial version available at the website (www.powergadgets.com)?

Are you running this on a Windows Vista system? I ask you this because get-wmiobject requires you to run PowerShell as an administrator in Windows Vista if you have UAC enabled (default setting).


Ivan Giugni

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I'm running the command on windows 2003 r2 server (Virtual machine) with administrator privileges. I't seems that I have a general problem with the refresh. Even the clock example (get-date | out-gauge -refresh 0:0:1 -type digital -floating) does not refrsh.

RegardsSandro Pizzingrilli

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 I have been running some tests on Win2k3 R2 but have not been able to reproduce your problem.

I remember seeing a similar issue with an old build of Powergadgets. Let's check the version to make sure we are on the same page:

- Go to the installation directory, typically "C:\Program Files\PowerGadgets" 

- Right click on "PowerGadgets.Commands.dll" and select properties.

-Go to the "Version tab" and check the "File Version".

It should be something like 1.0.2508.35823.

 I am interested in the four digit build number after 1.0. You may disregard the last five numbers. If the build you have is lower than 2508, I suggest downloading the latest trial. You would need to uninstall your current instance before installing again.

In any case, let me know what you find.




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