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Although we support expressions in almost any parameters in out-gauge, we do not support them in out-chart yet. We will investigate if we can include this functionality for V1 but in the meantime you can use the following workaround.

1) import-csv employees.csv | select {[int]$_.Age*2},{"Mr or Mrs "+$_.Name} | out-chart

We are using the select command to create 2 new calculated properties. In order to get a numerical value we had to cast $_.Age to an integer as import-csv returns all fields as strings. Also note that out-chart will not automatically pick up the labels (something we expect to fix in future builds) and the title for the series will be the expression.

2) import-csv employees.csv | select @{Expression={[int]$_.Age*2};Name="CorrectedAge"},@{Expression={"Mr or Mrs "+$_.Name};Name="CorrectedName"} | out-chart -values CorrectedAge -label CorrectedName

We are now using a powershell feature that allows us to attach a symbolic name to each calculated expression, note that there is a bug in out-chart (already fixed in our internal build) that will make it ignore the CorrectedName property. This will be fixed in our next public build.



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