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Possible Chart bug


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A nice feature of the charts is that if you hover over a data series, after a second it will hide the other series from view for emphasis.  It seems as though hovering over one of the X-axis values is supposed to do something similar by hiding all chart values except those for that particular category-value.

However, the index for this seems to be off by (-1)... when I hover over a category value, the chart values for the category immediately before it are the ones displayed, instead.

Has anyone else come across this?  It seems like a nice feature, just doesn't work properly for me.



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Can you post details about the chart you are creating, e.g

- Data: Is it an XY chart? How many series does it have? - Gallery: are you combining galleries on multiple series?

Please include any other relevant modification you are making to the chart.



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Data: represented in a Bar chart with 2 series

The data itself is just three fields: catagory labels, series1, series2

Gallery: Bar chart only

No major settings were changed, just selected formatting for the axes, background, etc.  But based on your intuition, I did Out-Chart the same data without using any template, and it behaves properly.  So, I guess I'll go through it again and start from scratch with creating the template.... I'll test it with the data at every settings change, starting from the basic chart, at let you know if I come across whichever one is causing this behavior.





Edit: One other thing I noticed trying to create chart templates:  the Bar chart has by default 3 series... and every time I try to remove one series from the collection and save the template as just a 2-series chart, it just comes back with all 3-series the next time I open the template for editing.


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