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Powergadgets.presenter.exe blows up when query data changes while storyboard is playing


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We have consistently seen the gadgets blowing up when the data value changes and storyboarding is running.  Has anyone else seen that problem?  Currently we have just stopped using storyboarding.  Our dashboard runs about seven gadgets so I haven't narrowed it down for sure but I am pretty sure that at least the digital out-gauge has the issue.


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OK, I'll admit to not knowing exactly what "storyboard" is?  I searched a bit.  First I though it was Vista's new Aero interface, but I don't think that's it.  Search also mentions Windows Movie Maker, and 3rd party apps.

So, can you provide a bit more details?

What OS exactly?  Have you only tried this on one?

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Marco: Storyboarding is when several gadgets are grouped and there's a UI that allows end users to navigate through the different gadgets. I just talked to our developers and they are trying to replicate the problem. Please stand by and they will post their answer as soon as they find out what is going on.

Thanks for your patience.


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good points.  OS is XP Pro with maximum updates.  It is a slow machine (500MHz with 512 MB) but the only thing it does is run gadgets and memory use seems not to be an issue.  Further observation is that storyboarding seems to make the problem occur more but doesn't eliminate the issue when it is off.  It seems to be more directly related to refreshing the data.  One other important note is that the SQL server it is pulling data from is accessed VIA VPN.  Generally speaking we don't have any performance issues to speak of when pulling data from the SQL server. 

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